16 JUL 23
IFAB launches "Football Rules": Simplified guide enhances understanding and accessibility of football's Laws
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The IFAB is pleased to announce the launch of “Football Rules”, a simplified version of the official Laws of the Game, designed to increase the awareness of the rules to a wider audience. This simplified version has a more common and straightforward language and uses a simpler structure, to provide an easier understanding of the rules for fans and football enthusiasts.

Whereas the Laws of the Game and theifab.com will remain the official guide for football specialists and professionals, footballrules.com aims to be the go-to-place for all football followers when they need clarification on any aspect of the Laws.

The new website’s structure is simple and intuitive. Each rule has a link to the corresponding sections in the Laws of the Game, for use by those who want more information or the official wording. Downloadable versions of the rules can be found alphabetically or by category on the same site.

Additionally, the new Football Rules are also available as an App, providing an accessible and user-friendly navigation of the rules.

Currently, Football Rules are available in English. Additional languages will follow soon.

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