The IFAB is comprised of the four British football associations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) with one vote each, and FIFA, covering the remaining 207 national associations, with four votes. In this way, all five bodies ensure that Laws are preserved respecting football’s traditions as well as its international reality. Passing a motion requires a three-quarters majority.

The Football and Technical Advisory Panels FAP and TAP, include experienced members from the football world, like former players and referees, that support The IFAB’s Technical Subcommittee in the decision-making process. Actual changes to the Laws can only be introduced during the Annual General Meetings (AGM), where the General Assembly formed by the key representatives of the IFAB take part and which are normally held every February or March in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland in rotation, as well as other locations decided by FIFA in years of the FIFA World Cup™.